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At SmartContact, we know that qualified salespeople hate cold-calling.

It’s a waste of their time and skills.

That’s why our system cold-calls your list for you and sends interested leads right back to your desk. So you can spend less time dialing calls and more time answering them.

Most salespeople throw out a lead after 2 attempts, but studies have shown it can take up to 8 attempts to set an appointment. SmartContact is different: it delivers a series of up to 8 unique messages to each prospect – a 300% increase in attempts! This saves you your voice, your money, and your time, while making sure none of your potential leads are wasted or thrown out prematurely.

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And the best part?

Messages are delivered in your voice from your phone number, so responses go directly to you!

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With SmartContact, you (the person who knows your business best) get to to do the talking. And because every prospect gets the same recording, you can be sure that each one is getting your best pitch every time. Your prospect only speaks to a trained agent if they answer before the message is delivered. Inbound calls from responding prospects go straight to you, not to a call center.

By the way, you control your appointment dates and times, so you can never be scheduled when you’re unavailable. When an appointment is set, SmartContact sends you an email with contact information and appointment files formatted to import into Outlook, Google and other CRMs with a double-click. All you have to do is take the appointment and close the deal.

We know it’s hard to trust others to call for you.

Don’t outsource your cold calls to just anybody.

SmartContact truly is the best system for highly specialized salespeople who need to make calls for themselves but just don’t have the time; people who normally wouldn’t even consider outsourcing their cold-calling because their leads are just too valuable to lose.

We get it. How many perfectly good leads have other companies thrown out just because they were too lazy to make contact more than twice, or because their third-party pitch message wasn’t good enough? It’s impossible to know, and that’s scary.

We know that nobody can explain your product or service better than you can, which is why we don’t try to. We just help you get your voice out there while you focus on better things than cold-calling. And we’ll never, ever waste a good lead.

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A recorded message is like a toupee:
If you can tell what it is, it’s just not a good one.

SmartContact recordings aren’t bad toupees. They sound like real speech because…

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They’re created without scripts. We coach the salespeople to leave their best possible voicemail pitch, and the results sound just like a person leaving a message on the spot.

We quality-check your messages to make sure there are no signs of being prerecorded (like pauses, ambient sound changes, or unnatural speech rhythm).

People (not computers) deliver them, so messages always reach the right phone, start at exactly the right time, and never cut off early.

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