At SmartContact we take “Think of Yourself as the Customer” seriously. Our talented and caring agents combine experience and compassion together in order to transform your customer service department.

iphone with Smartcontact background ipad photo of SmartContact Office
iphone with Smartcontact background ipad photo of SmartContact Office

About SmartContact

We all know when customer service is excellent – and when it’s not! By thinking of ourselves as customers, we perform to our own expectations, knowing that it’s got to be good enough for us, because if it is not, then it’s not going to be good enough for you or your customers.

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As the leading provider of automotive recall information, services and vehicle owner communications, Recall Masters has relied on Smart Contact to set thousands of Recall Repair Appointments for Auto Dealers each month. SmartContact is our partner in setting these appointments and has the expertise to book directly into dealerships’ scheduling portal. Recall appointments are more complex than a typical service appointment – and the team at SmartContact are absolute experts the industry. At Recall Masters, we don’t look for vendors – instead we look for true partners , which is exactly what we have with SmartContact!

-Dan Beres, Managing Partner at Recall Masters

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SmartContact Agents understand the purpose behind each type of campaign we deploy, making their outbound (and inbound!) calls highly effective.

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We use SmartContact to handle our reservation calls in a couple of ways: They handle all our reservation calls for some of our dealerships and they act as a safety net and take over the reservation process for our other dealerships when their service departments are unable to handle a call. I believe that they are an extension to our business because they have a professional trained staff that handles our customer needs and books the appointments directly in our scheduler, based on our set capacity. They follow directions and are willing to make adjustments as needed – and we cut overtime and cost by using them. I highly recommend SmartContact.

-Ramzy Handal, Vice President Fixed Operations Jim Koons Automotive Companies

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