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Service Appointment Setting Service Appointment Setting
Outbound Service Dept. Calls Outbound Service Dept. Calls
Service Appointment Confirmation Service Appointment Confirmation
Phone Call Quality Evaluation Phone Call Quality Evaluation
Investigative Follow-up Calls Investigative Follow-up Calls

Service Appointment Setting

To your customers, nothing changes – except that they never have to hold or leave a message to set a service appointment! This is exactly how we increase your total RO revenue – we answer ALL the calls you were missing and, therefore, help you set more appointments!  When we set appointments, our agents do exactly what your staff currently does, including:

  • Inputting all service appointments into your scheduling system – in real time
  • Adopting your dealership’s style, scripting, and protocols so that customers sense no difference between speaking with us and your staff
  • Knowing your dealership – right down to your current weather conditions (in case they are asked)
  • Confirming and updating your customers’ contact information


Service Department Outbound Calls

We make many different types of calls for service departments, all designed to do one thing: bring more customers in for service. Call types include:

  • Declined recommendations
  • Recall notifications
  • Follow-ups on special ordered parts
  • Marketing calls 

Outbound calling campaigns include the following benefits:

  • Contact to customer within 24 hours of receiving information from dealership
  • Documenting all comments and providing real-time feedback
  • Confirming and updating customer contact information
  • Inputting appointments in real time

Appointment Confirmation

We don’t just make service appointments – we also make sure your paying customers actually show up for those appointments. As part of our appointment confirmation services, our agents will…

  • Contact your customers within 24 hours of receiving their information
  • Make a maximum 2 attempts to contact customers at both cell and home numbers
  • Confirm and update customer contact information
  • Document comments and provide real-time feedback to the dealership


Phone Call Evaluation

We are a self-testing service, and as such we are constantly trying to make sure that we are handling your customers in a way that is friendly, fast, and within your standards. To evaluate phone calls, we…

  • Listen to and evaluate 40 recorded calls based on dealership guidelines and scripts
  • Use a 1-10 scoring method to evaluate call quality
  • Report findings and recommendations back to the dealership

Investigative Follow-Up Calls

With this premium package, we’ll make sure your customers are satisfied with your dealership’s services. We can.…

  • Contact customers within 24 hours of receiving contact information from the dealership
  • Make a maximum 3 attempts to contact customer
  • Document all comments and provide real-time feedback to the dealership
  • Attempt to recontact once by phone and once by email to confirm complete satisfaction with the resolution.
  • Go over survey within manufacturer guidelines and promote online reviews.

(For this service, Dealership must return resolved alerts within 72 hours and provide scripts and email template including any necessary hyperlinks)


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