SmartContact Call Center
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Call Center Services

No matter what industry you’re in, the SmartContact call center can handle your inbound and outbound calling needs.

We only hire the best of the best call center representatives – intelligent, dedicated individuals who have critical thinking skills and the ability to make important decisions in the moment about how best to serve a customer.

All of our representatives are thoroughly screened and trained to ensure call quality and excellent service across the board.


After-Hours and Overflow Call Center Services

How many times has this happened to you:

You need to schedule an appointment somewhere, but you’re busy all day during business hours and you forget to make the call. 

Then, when you get home and you finally remember to call, nobody is there to answer the phone, and you’re not even able to leave a message.

After this, one of two things happens: 

  1. You find somewhere that is open to take your call, and you use them instead of your original choice, or
  2. You give up on setting an appointment entirely.

If this has happened to you, think of how many times it has happened to your customers, too.

How many times do you think a customer chose not to spend money on you because they couldn’t get anybody from your business on the phone?

Well, that ends today. With SmartContact’s affordable After-Hours and Overflow call center services, you can be there to answer the phone and capture leads when nobody else is.

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SmartAuto Services

The SmartContact call center offers a set of specialized services geared towards the unique needs of auto dealerships and vehicle service centers.

These include:

  • Service appointment setting
  • Service appointment confirmation
  • Phone call quality evaluation
  • Investigative follow-ups
  • and more!

For more information about SmartContact’s SmartAuto services, visit our Auto Dealership Services page.